Breathwork After Care

Conscious Connected Breathwork Journeys are a powerful modality that is often described as "10 therapy sessions in 1!".

And just like therapy, so much of the real work is done when the client leaves the therapist's office and returns to their life again.

This can be difficult to navigate through, especially if the client had an intense emotional release during their Breathwork Journey.

For that reason, I have created this information page, full of helpful Integration Tools to help you integrate after your Breathwork Journey...

Integration Tools:


Free writing straight after your Breathwork Journey is a great way to gain clarity on what you experienced during your session. Take pen to paper without too much thought and allow the words to flow freely. The insight gained through this tool can be truly eye-opening.


It's super important to drink plenty of water after your Breathwork Journey, to help flush out any toxins released by the body during the session. Some clients tend to sweat a lot during a session, so it's important to replace those fluids that were lost during the session.

Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol:

Again, both caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate the body, so it's best to avoid them after Breathwork. They can also alter how we think and feel, so it is best to avoid them for at least 24 hours after Breathwork.

Short Breathing Exercises:

As an active form of meditation, I recommend short breathing exercises such as Box Breathing, or inhaling for 6 seconds and exhaling for 6 seconds. This will clam your nervous system right down and allow you to feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions. There are many videos on YouTube to aid you with breathing exercises, such as the ones below:

Box Breathing

Belly Breathing

Time in Nature:

Grounding is another simple but profound way to settle back into your body and regulate your nervous system. It might sound silly if you haven't tried it before, but hugging a tree is scientifically proven to relax the nervous system. This is particularly useful if emotions you released during your Breathwork session haven't quite settled back down yet. I highly recommend watching this documentary on YouTube about the act of Grounding and the physics of why it is important.

Earthing Documentary

Alternatively, spending time with pets is also another beneficial way of spending time in nature.


Emotional Freedom Technique is excellent in helping to release any emotions that are lingering at the surface after a Breathwork Journey. It is also great for grounding us back into our bodies. It can be done almost anywhere at any time, by simply tapping certain meridian points on the body and repeating specific affirmations to ourselves. I highly recommend working with an EFT practitioner such as Clodagh. She offers 6 week online group classes every Monday evening, and also works with people 1:1.

Clodagh's Tapping Demo

Energy Healing:

E-motion can be described as energy in motion, and this may be something you are becoming more aware of if you have done a Breathwork session or two. I myself, have regular energy healing/clean-up sessions, as it is easy for us to pick up the negative energies of others. Below are some Energy Healers that I recommend working with:

Rahanni or Reiki:

Clodagh (Online & Wexford)

Michelle Lacey (Online & Dublin)

Ekko Health & Wellness (Wexford)

Aifric (Online & Wexford)

Amy Cullen (Wexford)

Denise Kelly (Wexford)


Leanne (Tipperary, Bali & Online)

Talk Therapy:

Sometimes during a Breathwork Journey we may access memories or traumas that we had blocked out from our conscious minds. The ego often does this as a means of 'protection'.

It is common that clients require extra support with this, so be sure to reach out to a qualified Psychotherapist if you do.


Cacao is a sacred plant medicine that works with our heart energies. It releases magnesium and endorphins that help us to simply feel good! As I am a Cacao Facilitator, I earn a small commission if you purchase Cacao with Cacao Laboratory, and use my discount code: AOIFER10 when you purchase it.


The benefits of exercise are no secret, but you may not be aware that it also helps to shift any unwanted or 'stuck' energies/e-motions within our bodies. It's also a great way to get those endorphins pumping through the body. Sometimes it is the most obvious of things that we need the most!


It also goes without saying that meditation is incredibly beneficial for our overall wellbeing, and can help you to settle back into your body after a Breathwork Journey. If you have a busy mind (like me!), perhaps try the shorter breathing exercises listed above instead.

Music, Dance & Free Movement:

A new discovery for me in 2023 was the power of movement and music! It is a simple and FUN way of shifting your mood and even physical pains from the body. Our bodies can hold on to emotions and traumas, and if they are not released they can manifest into physical symptoms such as pains, fatigue, headaches, low mood, and stiffness. I like to play some uplifting music and shake out the specific parts of my body that are holding pain until I feel better. It's not uncommon to also release emotion through this tool.

Being Cautious of Where you Spend your Energy:

This is especially important if you are feeling a little fragile after a Breathwork session. I advise limiting your time with people who effect your energy or mood in a negative way. I also advise having this approach with what you are consuming online and via the news. It's important to have boundaries like this in general in life, but especially after a Breathwork Journey.

Additional Things to Try:

Yoga, Sound Baths, Cold Exposure, Hypnotherapy, Self-Development Books & Podcasts, Sea Swimming, Connect with Like-Minded People, Hiking, Volunteering with Local Charity, Spiritual Retreats.

Reach Out:

If you have any questions or are still struggling despite trying out these integration tools then please just reach out to me at